Marketing Agency specialized in advertising, websites, AI, Email campaigns, events and social media

Making the world talk about your brand.
No matter what your industry is, with the right marketing and communication strategy we can position your business.
Your competitors are already doing it, and you?

will do everything to make your brand be known digitally

Digital Marketing ready to sell

We design marketing strategies and online campaigns that have returns on investment in new customers and more sales.

We work the main digital communication channels as well as ADS on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Our campaigns are exclusively focused on generating sales and traffic from new customers.

Social Media

Being specialized in the Professional Management of Social Media Channels, we create audiences focusing on loyalty and finding potential clients.

Social Media is one of the best tools to increase business volume but only if it is managed professionally and with creativity.

Content Creation Photo + Video

We know the power of a good image and the reactions it generates. We are experts in Photography and Professional Video and we work with very creative teams.

We work with advanced and professional tools to offer positive results to our clients. Our content hit the mind and heart of the audience sending the right message to them.


We design your website with a unique design because each business is different. No templates or serial websites. But the most important thing is that it has a higher position than your competition with a correct SEO strategy.

In all our plans we include free maintenance and free updates.

Some of our clients

Business packs

Our packs are designed for all kinds of needs
but we also make personalized packs for each business.

We work with companies from various sectors, which allows us to create synergies with mixed business fabrics and understand various digital environments.

We are in Barcelona, in Madrid and Ciudad Real working for clients from different but also for another regions like France, Netherlands and Mexico.

Few Marketing Agencies offer these conditions

Free to go

Businesses are dynamic and it is best that they have flexibility. Our plans can be canceled and reactivated as your business needed. You can feel free with us.

advance payments more discounts

We offer discounts on quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments, therefore our clients save on marketing.

flexible plans

Every business has times of the year when consumption is highest. It is necessary to have more Online Presence according to the season and promotional needs.

confidentiality completly assured

All information is 100% confidential. The most important for us is the trust and security that our clients place in us.We keep safe your information.

Contact us

At Post & Beat we will be happy to offer you all the advice and information you need, personalized plans, budgets or any other query.


Of course! At Post and Beat we are experts in Social Networks, ADS + SEM, Websites and Content for businesses and other agencies are specialists in SEO, Programming, Offline Advertising… If you wish we can talk to them to unite criteria and improve the image together of your company. We are specialists in Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and Google and consequently in all their advertising, programming and analysis platforms.

No problem! However, it is not the most recommended since the profiles must have the same line of communication, visual harmony and the same common thread. We recommend our clients to propose topics that they want to publish and we help them transform it into the strategic line of the brand. A well-structured campaign needs to take care of all the details and if it is not done in the same way it loses strength.

Of course! There is no explanation, at Post and Beat we like to be flexible and we understand that any business needs this flexibility to manage its Digital Marketing. With a simple email a month before indicating in the subject: “Cancel Service” is more than enough. We will not ask why or overwhelm you with emails offering additional discounts, we leave that to our competition ­čÖé

It’s normal that you don’t understand them, in marketing we talk in terms that businesses don’t have to understand. In addition, many are anglicisms or technicalities that ultimately only serve the work that we do the marketing agencies. But nothing happens! If you want, we will explain everything you need to know.

You can also click here and it will take you to a very complete website where you can consult any term.

It is not necessary, in short, every business must be where its potential customers are. To find out, we do a study and analysis of the brand to know exactly where your market is. With this we detect where their potential customers interact in order to access them. In fact, we do not recommend our customers to have profiles on social media where they will not get sales. In any case, if any company has a special interest in appearing on a certain social network due to its projection or expansion, we advise on the advantages and possible disadvantages. At Post and Beat we work on Social Media and ADS for businesses focused on generating sales. Our goal is always to grow any business. That’s what we believe a digital marketing agency like ours should offer.